A blend of crisp Ceylon black tea from Sri Lanka with sweetly tart red raspberry flavor. Very candy-like aroma, delicately tangy and jammy raspberry flavor. Rounded texture, balanced astringency and sweet, slightly dry finish. This fun, juicy cup is tangy without
getting too 'cheeky.'
Pomegranate has historically been a symbol of fertility, marriage, abundance,
as well as righteousness. A blend of bright Ceylon black tea from Sri Lanka,
sweetly tart pomegranate flavor, and decorative raspberry pieces. Subtle fruit
flavor, refreshingly crisp texture and airy, evaporating finish. Not an overly fruity
cup, just beautifully accented.
Long hailed in South American countries, Yerba Mate is finding
a new audience in North America. It provides energy without the
jitteriness suffered by coffee imbibers. It's herbaceous and grassy
character dances with succulent mangoes for a fun-filled cup that is great hot or iced.
Earl Grey is a classic blend of artisan black tea from Sri Lanka, flavored
with bergamot (a citrus fruit). The perfect afternoon tea: zesty and exhilarating
fresh citrus aroma, slightly dry to the nose, with a rounded and balanced orange
rind flavor to match the tang of Ceylon black tea. Our Earl Grey benefits from a
pleasantly dry finish with a lingering citrus sweetness.
Mango Mate
Earl Grey
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