Citron Green tea combines green tea from China with delicate flavors of lemon
and orange. The clean vegetal notes of the green tea blend seamlessly with the
citrus crispness. Delightfully sweet, lifted by the freshness of the lemon-orange.
Not too dry or too citrusy. Perfect hot or iced.
Rooibos is a very mellow cup on its own, with some subtle, deep fruity notes.
This comes from the sun-curing process the fresh herb goes through during harvest.
Paired with ripe summer berries, our Rooibos Berry tea is soft and juicy. Not heavy
or tangy, so you can enjoy it anytime. Naturally caffeine free.
This Peach Oolong is made with the darker, more oxidized oolongs of Taiwan
that are known for having lush, playful flavors. Deeply floral, honey and juicy,
it's not uncommon to have a lovely cup that's almost like a succulent slice of peach.
Why not let the tea play with some actual peaches? Fragrant and sweet like a perfectly
ripe fruit, with a smooth astringency and lingering floral aroma
White Peach tea combines this Southern gem of a fruit with delicate, naturally
sweet white tea from the Fujian province in China. Flowery peach-nectar aroma,
juicy and very ripe flavor, slightly dry finish (just like peach fuzz!). Enjoy White Peach
hot or iced and don't blame us if you become hooked!
Citron Green
Rooibos Berry
Peach Oolong
White Peach
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